RV Living Tips

When you begin living in your RV you’re going to find you never have enough space for anything. You start looking for places and ways to store everything you think you ever needed to live and quickly find out you can live with a lot less stuff and only really need essentials. I have put together a few things that can help you save some space for the thing you have to have to get by in your daily living. These are simple things you can purchase off Amazon or make yourself.

Spices we all need spices if we intend anything with flavor. Microwave food will only taste good so long and you get tired of it and want something really yummy.


Velcro is your friend! I know you thought Google was and is your best friend, but when you’re living in an RV velcro or double stick tape is handy for a lot of things. Hanging thing on the wall or just keeping track of the remotes.

Hooks! Hooks are so handy for cooking utensils,¬†keys, and other small stuff that seems to like to hide on a regular basis. You’re going to find that are not enough drawers in your little kitchen and they are essential for spoons and other utensils.

I bet you’re thinking you have all kinds of space in all those bins around your RV. Guess again! There is never space down there. It’s jam packed full of stuff you’re going to need on a fairly regular basis, so get organized and keep it accessible.

The shower and the bathroom are tiny!! I love our shampoo and soap dispenser. Holds all our shampoos, conditioner, and soaps and no mess! ¬†There’s are many more ideas out there you just have to get creative and do some searches.

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