Picking the Next Stop

Picking the Next Stop Every assignment can’t be Miami, Florida or Honolulu, Hawaii, some considerations need to be made and some pull and tug will inevitably occur.    How far can you realistically be from your home base?   Are your parents in good health?   Are your kids in good health?   Do you…


Be outgoing

Being semi-nomadic has a lot of adventure, but it has a bit of a downside.   From time to time, you will experience some homesickness, feel like your missing out, or maybe experience some loneliness. Fortunately for us, we live in a time of great technological advancements in terms of communication.   I would encourage…

The Next Stop Card Shop

I spent a little time and put together a collection of pictures for postcards, greeting cards, and other items. Please drop by and browse.  You might find the perfect gift for someone special. The Next Stop Card Shop