Day Trip Sunday 3/12/17

Amazing day!! My son Charles and I took off on the road about 8:30 am and went to Coos Bay, OR. We drove all over town and looked around. It’s a really cute town. We stopped at The Mill casino and at the Three Rivers casino also. I tell you what I love going in and playing a little, but honestly such a waste of time, but fun. Needless to say, we didn’t win anything. We did, however, have a great time.

On our drive to get there we saw this magnificent herd of elk. They were just beautiful and very taken with our presence. We were not parked close at all, but they started to watch us and the ones that were laying down got up and they all started to walk towards us. Such beautiful animals. I’m sure they would make some really good jerky.

From Coos Bay we headed up the 101 to Florence. We stopped at Abby’s Pizza for lunch and had some really good pizza and spuds for lunch. We even had enough left over for us both to have supper that night. SCORE!

Next stop Sea Lion caves, since Charles has never seen them before. There were about 150 sea lions in the cave that day and numerous out in the water and on the rocks. We had a beautiful sunny day about 65 degrees also. Perfect day for a drive and looking at wildlife.

Next stop was the Three Rivers casino in Florence before heading back home. We left there about 4 pm and stopped in Eugene at Winco to do our grocery shopping. Now if you have never shopped Winco before and are in the Pacific Northwest your missing out on some great deal! I absolutely love this story. Great prices! Plan to spend a go 45 mins. to an hour shopping if you’re a serious shopper. I don’t suggest hitting it on Sunday afternoon, though. It is always very crowded after about 11 am any day.

It was an amazing day and we had a great time. So much fun to stop get out and look things and not just drive by and shoot a picture. Our next adventure begins tomorrow as we will be heading up to Tacoma again to visit my youngest son and his little family. I can’t wait to see my kids and grandson. 🙂  These grandbabies do make an old heart happy.




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