Newport Oregon 2/13/17

Yesterday morning we took off for a drive and lunch in Newport. We left Roseburg OR. about 10:30 and arrived in Newport about 1:15. We had a really nice day for a drive, sunshine, and mid-50s for temps. I would great day for Oregon this time of year. It was beautiful. Now on a funny note, I know Newport is most famous for their fabulous fresh seafood, but neither one of us like seafood. We stopped at Sizzler for lunch. HAHAHAHAHA! We drove around town and couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw these piles of sea lions right on the docks by the shops on the bay front. Now you talk about noise! They are some loud fellas!  They don’t like sharing their space all the time either. A couple of them fell off the platforms and had trouble getting back up because the bigger ones didn’t want to share. They barked and bit at each other. I had no idea sea lions had such big teeth either.

This rock island is just few hundred feet out from where the platforms are out in the bay.


As I stated the sea lions are very noisy so get ready for some heavy duty barking when viewing the short video clip.


Next stop was to see the bridge and grab a quick picture of it before going over it. 🙂

Stopped at the lighthouse also, in Yaquina Bay. I’ve never seen a lighthouse like this one.

We left Newport drove down the 101 and grabbed a couple of pretty pictures along the way home. I always love this area. Just a few miles north of Florence. We stopped for a picture of the sunset and lighthouse. If you look really close you can see the sea lions heads bobbing in the water below. I don’t know if I could ever get tired of looking at the beauty this state has to offer.


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