Sunday 1/15/17 Sea Lion caves

Sunday was a nice day here in Roseburg but as usual a little chilly. We decided to take off for a quick trip to Florence to the casino. We headed up 101 from Coos Bay to Florence Or where we got out at the Umpqua Lighthouse and took a few pictures. It was a beautiful clear sunny day, but still kind of chilly. You have to love Oregon it’s a such a beautiful state no matter what the weather is.

After stopping here for about 10 minutes we moved down the road and stopped at the Sealion caves. This is one of the most amazing sites along the Oregon coast. If you’re ever in the area you need to make a point to stop and visit. You can stand and see the sealions coming in from the viewpoint and then ride the elevator down into the cave to view room. there were approximately 150 sealions in and out of the cave at this time of day. The viewing room is safe and there is a wire screen at the window area to keep anyone from going in and falling off into the caves. I will warn you it does SMELL!img_3448img_3452


After a quick stop there we took off to find an early supper /late lunch at Three Rivers casino. We were there about 10 minutes before we got a text from my daughter-in-law that my new grandson was on the way. We made a mad dash to the closest McDonalds to get a food on the run, headed back to Roseburg 2 and half hour drive and then up to Tacoma. The newest grandson was born Monday 1/16/17 at 1:31 pm 🙂


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