Medical Travelers

When signing up with a company as a traveler you have to look at the pay packages and benefits very carefully. In respects, it is like any other job, but there are some areas that aren’t. A huge in insurance. Staffing companies all offer insurance which is great or you can opt out and get your own healthcare insurance. I found in comparison shopping going out and getting your own policy can be much more expensive. On the other hand though if you have to take more than 3 weeks off between insurance you lose your insurance and have to sign up all over again when you sign a new contract and have to pay another premium. Now as long as you’re healthy it’s not a problem, but if you have an ongoing problem it might raise a problem or have prescriptions. I’m not sure, it is definitely something you would need to look into deeper. If you’re working with more than one agency getting your own policy is probably the best option, so you don’t have to switch policies every few months.  Keep in might to get details on on the deductibles and all those types of things before you sign a contract. You never know when something might happen and you have to use your insurance.


We all want to retirement and your never too young to start saving for it. The younger you start the better off your gonna be when your old and can’t work any longer. Get the details on the 401k or whatever program they offer.

These may seem like little things to someone that just wants to travel and have fun while they work, but they are necessary and you want to make sure you are covered.


Pay is very different for a travel. There are so many different perks to consider. You get an hourly wage, non-taxable per-diem, housing allowance, and some companies do a car allowance.  So even though you may have a lower hourly wage, you have all those other things that tie in and give you paycheck a very hefty boost.

Let’s just say for instance. The contract is offering you $20 an hour.  Then you get about $230-$280 a week per-diem. $400-500 a week for a housing allowance if you chose to take the stipend, instead of letting them get your housing for you. If the company gets your housing for you most will pay utilities up to $150 a month. That doesn’t include cable and the internet. Cable you live without or go a month to month contact with a company, that cost more, though. I’ve done it both ways. Antenna and Netflix work great for me and saves money. Unless you in an area where the antenna won’t pick up anything.  You have to have internet of some kind.  PLUS you $150 a week for driving your own car.  When you average it all up that’s pretty dang good wages right there. Now all companies do different amounts, but the basically offer the same type of pay. Depending on your profession and  years of experience it will be more or less. This is just an example.  So if you were to travel and decide you wanted a permanent job again somewhere it’s all something to take into consideration.

This is a few random things I thought of that might help you out when thinking about becoming a Medical Traveler or if you already are one and looking at future options. It’s all trial and error and learn as you go. If you’re working in a place where there is a traveler, talk to them find out what they think and get sometimes from them.

Happy contract hunting!


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