Picking the Next Stop

Picking the Next Stop

Every assignment can’t be Miami, Florida or Honolulu, Hawaii, some considerations need to be made and some pull and tug will inevitably occur.    How far can you realistically be from your home base?   Are your parents in good health?   Are your kids in good health?   Do you have grandbabies on the way?   How far can I be from home base?

Those are just a few of the considerations that you need to think about.   Others would do you really want to suffer through 120 degree summers in Las Vegas, Nevada or Phoenix Arizona?     Do you want 100-degree heat and 93% humidity in Columbus, Georgia in the Summer?   Would you like to be in New Mexico for the International Hot Air Balloon Festival?   Well, the Hot Air Balloon Festival is in October.      Would you like to see the leaves change into golds, yellows, and oranges in the Ozarks than you might want to look at jobs in South West Missouri and North West Arkansas?    Can you handle the rainy, gray months of the Pacific Northwest?   If you can’t, then you better consider taking that contract after May and before September or October.

When choosing your next stop you need to consider how far you can reasonably be from your home base at this point in time.   What climates can you handle or at what time of the year do you want to handle them?   The thought of spending the dead of winter in Maine isn’t appealing for me, but hey, for someone it might be.   Is there anything you want to see?   Is there an annual event that happens at a certain time during the year?

Thinking about these things before you pick your Next Stop will make things a lot easier for you.   Having the best contract experience is in your best interest.   For the company that recruited you and for the hospital/ clinic that you are working for.
Good Luck and Safe Journeys to your Next Stopimg_0826img_1548

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