Be outgoing

Being semi-nomadic has a lot of adventure, but it has a bit of a downside.   From time to time, you will experience some homesickness, feel like your missing out, or maybe experience some loneliness.

Fortunately for us, we live in a time of great technological advancements in terms of communication.   I would encourage you to take advantage of facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts, Face Talk, and like programs to stay in touch with your friends and family.   It is great to exchange texts, have an occasional phone call, but it is even better if you  can have a video chat.

It will help hold you over until the next time you are back at home base.    I would recommend that you make a trip back to home base after every couple of assignments so that you can have that time with long-term friends and family.

But, also, do not be afraid to make friends while you are out on the road and on to the next stop.   Many people travel for work, travel for pleasure, and it would be a shame to miss out on meeting new people, sharing good times, and enjoying life.

One of the keys to being semi-nomadic is enjoying each new location, live like a local, and make friends and get out.   Just because you are semi-nomadic doesn’t mean you have to be a hermit when you are out on assignment.

Take advantage of video chats with friends and family, live like a local, make friends, and have a social life when you are out on assignment.   It will make the experience that much more worthwhile.


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