Oregon Adventure

The Oregon adventure starts with us leaving my actual “hometown” Sudan, Texas. It all started on October 29th, 2016. We wanted to take our time traveling up to Roseburg, OR and see as many sites as possible.  My assignment was supposed to start on Nov. 7th. We hit the road Saturday morning around 10 a.m. and drove. We drove all day long. The whole trip is 1682 miles according to google maps. That don’t include the detours we took. Our first day we made it to all the way to Flagstaff AZ. Our plan at the time was to just park overnight in the Walmart parking lot, but well Walmart had other plans for us. It was so full of cars, trucks and other RV’s we couldn’t park. It was already about 9 p.m and we were tired. We didn’t want to keep going, but we really had no choice. We got to Williams AZ. Stayed overnight here because we wanted to visit the Grand Canyon the next day.


Our day trip to the Grand Canyon 10/30/16 was an experience to say the least. We were hoping to drive in and get campsite overnight and get enjoy it all day and night. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. We drove this beast of a 37ft RV into the Grand Canyon, stopped at the gate and the ranger said, ” Yes sir, you can park we have  9 sites open now.” We drove up to the sites and the next ranger said sorry we don’t have anything big enough for you. So, we had to turn around and go back down to the closest RV park we could find. Park the rig, unload my car off the tow dolly and drive back up the road. About 40 miles . Talk about frustration. Was it worth all the hassle? Heck  yeah!  We spent several hours here just walking the trails and taking pictures. Stayed overnight at this little RV park and head down the road again the next day.

Monday morning  October 31st,2016 we set a course for the next stop on our trip up to Oregon. Our next stop was Las Vegas NV. Woo hoo, I bet your thinking we are going to all the casinos and gamble and see shows and have a blast. Aren’t you? Guess again!  After a day of driving we had other plans. We parked in a nice park, unloaded the car and drove back down the road to Lake Meade and Hoover Dam. We had to get this in. You can’t go to Vegas without seeing it! Amazing!!  We did drive down the strip and see all the pretty lights, but didn’t take the time to find parking and visit them. We stopped at small casino in Henderson and had a great prime rib dinner for $9.99 and put $20 in the slots. We had to donate of course. The next day we got up loaded everything back up and set our sights on Reno, NV for the night.

We arrived late in Reno NV and chose to just do a Walmart parking lot night. We didn’t have any plans to hang out too long. Long enough to visit my son and then hit the road again the next day. That is just what we did. Now in between Vegas and Reno we had to stop for gas and you know what, there isn’t a lot of places to stop there. We ended up stopping at the Area 51 Alien Center. Yep! You got it Alien! not only aliens, but there’s a cat house too. A little humor for our journey. We had to have gas and this was the only stop for miles and miles.

Left Reno about 10 am on Weds. Nov. 2nd. and started to drive. It seemed like we drove forever this day. It was the last leg of our trip and it was a long. We stopped for gas in Susanville, CA and headed into the mountains from there. We took a short break in Lassen National Forest.  There was a little snow on the ground and it was chilly here.

Along the way in the far distance you can see Mt. Shasta as we drove down the highway. It’s the snow covered mountain. What a sight! I tell you sure learn to appreciate what we are given if you look at all the beauty surrounding us.


And of course Lake Shasta.


Finally Roseburg OR! Home for the next 3 months.



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