Grocery Shopping

When you travel quite a bit it is hard to be loyal to any one chain of stores, but sometimes what is not readily apparent is many of the regional chains are owned by the same national company so they just look unfamiliar.

Take for instance Krogers, in a lot of places Krogers is the name of the Grocery Store, but if you are in the Denver metro area it would be King Supers.   If you were in Albuquerque or Las Vegas it would be Smiths.   If you are in the Pacific Northwest it would be QFC in Washington State or Freddy Myers in Washington and Oregon.

Albertsons is another big name grocer that could be disguised as any number of other regional grocery store chains.   If you are in the Panhandle of Texas you may see it as United.   If you are in Washington and Oregon it may appear as Haggen, and if you are in New England it may be branded as Shaw’s and Star Market.

Just because a regional chain looks unfamiliar it very well may be that it isn’t all that unfamiliar after all.       So, rather than having to worry about keeping track of 800 different store club cards to get in-store discount or loyalty points you may well just need a handful depending on the region you are in.

Walmart is the same everywhere! Be sure to sign up for their savings catcher program. I have saved a nice chunk of change by doing that.


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