Casinos!! Alternative to the Greasy Spoon

Mc Donald’s, truck stops, and the food they offer up gets tiresome when you travel up and down the road.    I have found that stopping at casinos to get a break from driving to be an ideal solution.

Most casinos have buffets, and some of the bigger ones have multiple restaurants.   You can usually get a great meal at a very reasonable price.   Some of them have gas stations and RV parks.   It is not uncommon to see other entertainment options in a casino complex rather it is a small theater, bowling, or other activities.

Players clubs can offer great discounts on buffets, hotel stays, and occasionally free play.   It is not necessary to enjoy gambling nor do you have to.   Often when traveling in the Southwest and elsewhere casinos are an attractive place to stop especially if the area is more rural.   It can be a great way to kill a couple of hours, stretch your legs, get a great meal, gas up, and who knows win a jackpot.
So, the next time you are on the road and you are tired of Burger King and the greasy spoon at the Truck Stop consider stopping at a Casino to gas up, eat a great meal, and enjoy a couple of hours of leisure before heading out on the road once again.

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