Colorado Bound July 2016

Thanks to a great staffing company Fusion Medical Staffing and my awesome recruiter and friend Becki  I got a great assignment in Lone Tree Colorado for 13 weeks. I got to spend the summer close to my daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson. 🙂  This did my heart and soul good. We arrived July 1st and lived in Englewood Colorado at South Park Mobile home and RV park. This was where we parked for the extent of our stay in Colorado. It’s pretty nice park and works out great for what we needed. This park is booked solid all summer long. We just got lucky and they had space come available the day we arrived. I booked two weeks in advance as soon as I signed my contract. One of the things we are finding booking a space can be difficult if you don’t have enough notice.  A lot of parks will only rent 2 weeks at a time during “peak season”.  That can an issue because you really don’t want to have to pack up your rig and move every couple of weeks. Don’t forget to ask when you’re booking about cable, the internet, and electricity. Extended stays you will be paying for electricity if you stay more than a couple of weeks in one spot. A lot of them have free wifi, it can reach to your spot and even cable. I’m learning that if we want cable or the internet to sign up with a local company on a month to month plan and make to get all the details on disconnection and fees. They can be a real pain in the but if you sign up for the wrong the plan.

Ok, all the basics in place let’s go take a look at the new hospital I’ll be working at. This was a treat! Fairly new hospital and great people to work with. I did like this assignment. The hospital its self was  crazy busy all the time and very short staffed, but still, a good place to work.

This is a place I would consider going back to if I were able to again. A few pictures of the hospital to follow. I will have a lot of pictures of Colorado. We did day trips every weekend I was off.



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