New people in the picture along the way

So, a long the way you meet many new people and make a lot of new friends. That’s always nice. The best yet is when is getting a new addition to your family. In March of last year, a very special little bundle of joy entered the family. My first grandson! I was privileged to be able to take off a week and go visit when he was born. Something that would have been much harder if I had a regular permanent job somewhere. Also, I meet a special man and now he is traveling with me on my adventures. So you will be seeing a lot more “we” in my post instead of just me and I . This how the motor home comes into play. He  bought a motorhome so we can travel together and share the adventures.  The motive for a Colorado assignment again my new grandson!  So the search for the Next Stop starts with all this in mind.

For the future assignments, we will be driving in the motorhome and living in it. We will tow my Journey behind, so we have something to drive around in once we get to the next location. We will be going from living a 1 bedroom apartment everywhere we go to living in a 37ft. motorhome with very very limited space. It’s fun, an adventure and also cramped. You have to be really selective about what you pack and just how necessary it is before putting in the motorhome. Space is prize commodity in here.

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