Stopped and started back

After 6 months of travel assignments, I thought I wanted to settle down and be closer to the family. I took a job in Plainview Texas from 12/14 to 5/15 . I quickly found out that really didn’t suit me either. I decided to contact my recruiter from the staffing agency I was using at the time and go back out on the road. I asked to go back to Crockett and my wish was granted. I spent the next 6 months in Crockett working again, but with much different living conditions this time. I was insistent on having a better place to stay and was much happier.I have found when it comes to being a traveler and letting others do your housing arrangements you have to be forceful about what you will live in. Don’t settle when you don’t have to.  I did, however, have to stay at the Express Inn in Palistine Texas for about 2 weeks and I DON’T RECOMMEND  it for anyone. It was dirty and the internet was iffy at best. Finally, after two weeks my housing came through. I was a very happy camper then. I lived at the Bar S Bed and Breakfast for 6 months and loved it. 11147869_10200606873451282_7533995201046735452_n


My uninvited guest. 😦


The Palistine/Rusk railroad. I do suggest you book a day trip on the train. It is beautiful.

While I was there I went to Galveston for a day. Saw the ocean and plenty of seagulls. 

While I was living in Palistine I made myself at home and added a few plants, bird feeders, and hummingbird feeders to the porch. 🙂  There was also some beautiful moon flowers planted along the side of the house that glows in dark at night. They only bloom when the sun goes and down when it’s cooler outside. There are a lot of other trees and plants around the property to be enjoyed also. The Bar S does all kinds of social events on the property. Weddings, birthday parties, and receptions. I really enjoyed working in Crockett and living in Palistine even though I had a 35-mile drive to and from work every day.  While being there the long 12 hour shifts started to get to me physical and my back wasn’t happy with me either, so I also began a healthy lifestyle change by adding 3 steps to my daily routine. I would be happy to tell you more about that, but you will have to message me for information. It has totally changed my life and how I feel, though.

I also had the opportunity to go the Texas state fair. I had never been before, so that was big adventure for me. Seeing Big Tex and riding the Ferris wheel was a blast. If you ever go you have to have a Fletchers Corn dog too! The best corn dog I have ever eaten!  That just about sums up the last Crockett assignment and living in Palistine Texas.

Where to Next?


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