Moving down the road again….

Your mission is Greenville Texas Hunt Regional hospital if you chose to accept it. I did just that. From Jan. 1 through then end of June the assignment was working in Greenville.  I was quite surprised at how busy the lab was there from the size of the town.  I also had to wear gray scrubs every day for 6 months. Blah! is all I can say about gray. Now as a traveler sometimes places require you to wear a certain color scrubs. I am more than happy to do this, but I make sure the company I work for reimburses me for I spend on clothing to do the assignment.  I also arrived in Greenville and had to stay at the Express Inn. Now if you have kept up on the blog you remember how bad I said the Express Inn in Palistine was, well this one was worse!  So I really can’t stress enough if you are traveling or thinking of taking up a travel career, before you ever check into your room and register check out the room and the internet service.

Since this is Texas and I am familiar with the area I really didn’t do a lot of site seeing this time. I lived in Rockwall Texas during this 6 month assignment and had to move to a new apartment after the first 3 months was over. That was a real pain in the butt. I did at least have really nice living arrangements.

I did go to the  Dallas zoo one day and check it out. Here are a few photos from that. I took more pictures of the Lego art than I did the animals that day.



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