Assignment: Crockett Texas

The Next Stop I made was Crockett Texas, at the time it was East Texas Medical Center. I spent 13 weeks with some great women and men working there. It’s small rural hospital that really caught me by surprise in a few ways. What I didn’t know is how beautiful east Texas is, though. I grew up in the panhandle of Texas where is dry and sandy, nothing like this. I was blown away by the beauty the area  had to offer. My company had a really hard time finding me a place to stay because at the time I had a cat I was traveling with and most of the hotels in that area didn’t allow pets and there were no apartments for rent in Crockett. I agreed to stay to at the Crockett family resort. It’s nice quiet little campground with cabins, laundry, and shower facilities if you need them. This is few of my pictures from the stay there. I had hoped my accommodations would be like the pretty cabin on the right, but when I got was the cabin in the left picture.

Here a few fun pictures. There is a group of ladies called the Get long girls or something like that. They get together once a month and go camping in their RV’s, campers and trailers. No men allowed on these trips. This particular year they chose the resort to have their Christmas adventure at. I got visit with a couple of them and see their trailers. Very cool and unique.

I really didn’t take that many pictures or venture out that much while I was in Crockett but, I did find a few things worth your time to visit. You’re only a few hours from Shreveport LA, so you should take the time to do a weekend trip and visit the area and drop a few coins in the slot machines there. Never know you might get lucky. My cousin and I did and I brought home more than took  with me and earned myself a shopping spree. 🙂   This assignment ended just before Christmas 2014. Keep watching to see what happens next.



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