My First Assignment

My first travel assignment began May 29th, 2014 in Columbus GA. Can you say HOT! Oh my GOSH!! I didn’t know any place was this hot. The length of the assignment was 13 weeks. May 29th – Sept. 5th. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to leave a place as I was Columbus. My hours were Monday – Friday 7am to 3:30pm.  Sounds pretty soft, doesn’t it. Well, it wasn’t. It was the busiest hospital in town and I was worn out by then end of my shifts.  But on my days off I managed to find things to do and see. My company set up in a really nice apartment for my time there at least. I will say as a traveler and if you are considering becoming a traveler for medical staffing company when it comes to your living accommodations be picky! The company I was working with put me up in Extended Stay America for 2 weeks while finding my apartment. A word of advice, before you check in and sign any paperwork at the hotel, GO CHECK OUT THE ROOM. I’ve been stuck in a hotel with bad internet, leaky sinks, and running toilets and to top off drug deals being made in the parking lot. Make sure your company puts you in nice, safe area before you ever register. I learned the hard way on this, so I’m sharing my experience with you. Check out the reviews online of the hotel before you sign on that dotted line. As a traveler, you have to have good internet service at all times.

My first adventure in GA was the Wild Animal Safari, Pine Mountain Ga. I took about 50 pictures I think that day, so I am only going to share a few. 10409693_4249120843263_2873614256069531379_n10419977_4249132643558_6497843626411735867_n10294246_4249110483004_6184343237760882609_n Please excuse my finger in the picture. 10325749_4249108242948_4231285684258641380_n

The next stop was the Butterfly pavilion at  Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain GA. Some of the prettiest butterflies and flowers I have ever seen.


Living in new city, Columbus GA, alone and really didn’t know anyone except people I worked with I had nothing to do that summer for July 4th, so I took a little road trip to Atlanta that day. I decided I would spend my day at the Georgia Aquarium. This is a few of the beautiful fish I was able to see there. If your in that area I suggest you take the time to and go visit. It took me a couple of hours to get through it. I took a ton of pics. 10501716_4331723588280_4218652986670470719_n10534430_4331721508228_3610819076002155513_n

I also took time that day to stop into the World of Coca-Cola.  This is really must see if you’re in the area. unfortunately the pictures I took didn’t turn out well. 😦  I would like to say if you do plan on visiting these places plan to spend a day there. There is a lot to see and take in. You don’t want to cheat yourself by rushing through. Take a good camera and wear comfortable shoes. It is also very hot! Especially in the summer months.

I think my favorite day trip was the Sunday I took off and found the riding stable. I had a great trail ride and the scenery was amazing. Roosevelt Riding Stables the guides were friendly and informative. They knew the plants and trees in the area. The horse I rode is named Brandy and she is a real sweetheart. I actually went 2 times I had such a good time.

My assignment in Georgia was hard work, but it was also a lot of fun. I made some great friends and learned a lot along the way.  Stay tuned for updates and to find out what my Next Stop was.



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